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GSA Schedule offer and modification consulting support

Sams Contracting Consulting and Training provides GSA Schedule offer and modification consulting support to help government contractors sell to the Federal Government.

A GSA Schedule is a 5 year contract in which you pre-negotiate pricing and contract terms with the General Services Administration (GSA). Using these pre-negotiated rates for your company's offered prodcuts/services on your GSA Schedule, your firm would now be able to establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) with federal customers seeking to purchase goods/services off of your GSA Schedule on a recurring as-needed basis.

Having a GSA Schedule will also allow your firm to establish Contractor Teaming Agreements (CTAs) with other companies that possess a GSA Schedule so that jointly both parties can list their capabilities, their qualifications, their resources, and their past performance in order to gain a competitive advantage over other companies.

From a marketing standpoint, your company can submit unsolicited proposals (i.e. "white papers") to your customer outlining your technical solutions and pricing in accordance with the terms negotatied on your GSA Schedule, while also highlighting that the contracting office can purchase directly from your firm as the suggested acquisition strategy. Implementing this strategy enables your company to steer certain opportunities directly to your firm.

From a partnering standpoint, your company can enter into partnerships with other firms without a GSA Schedule that have an existing relationship with a Federal customer that has a current requirement, and you can utilize your GSA Schedule contract vehicle to facilitate and broker the transaction where your firm would perform a minimum of 51% of the work.

Finally as a federal contractor, you may be aware that the Federal Government primarily purchases commercial products and services through GSA's E-BUY System, and as such, only companies who have a GSA Schedule are alerted to these opportunities that are not posted on FedBizOpps ( As such, possessing a GSA schedule will enable your firm to pursue opportunities that are solicited through GSA's E-Buy system, where there is less competition and a greater opportunity for success!
At Sams Contracting Consulting and Training, we specialize in helping companies apply for, negotiate, and market their GSA Schedule, thus enabling them to better do business with federal agencies. The below narrative contains Sams Contracting Consulting and Training’s five-step process regarding the successful completion and submission of your company’s offer:
Once the agreement has been executed, the consultant will work with the client to outline the offer submittal process, identify which products/services will be contained in the offer, discuss proposed price discounts, and provide a list of the needed documents in order to complete the package.
Based on the needed documents identified in the commencement meeting, the client will begin gathering the supporting documentation and pertinent information required in order to successfully submit the offer.
Using the pricing of products and services previously invoiced for, or the manufacturers’ commercial price list, the consultant will work with the client to outline a strategy for identifying the proposed discount rate to be offered to GSA.
Once the pricing information has been completed, the consultant will work with the client to prepare, complete, and compile the remaining documentation to be contained within the client’s offer.
After preparing the client’s offer, the consultant will conduct a final thorough review of the documentation with the client to ensure accuracy. The offer will then be submitted to GSA, and once reviewed by the GSA Contracting Officer, the consultant will work with the client during the negotiation process in order to obtain a successful award of the client’s GSA Schedule. Once the award notice has been received, the consultant will work with the client to upload the client’s GSA Schedule information and documentation to be included on GSA E-Library & GSA Advantage to be viewed and accessed by federal purchasing personnel.

Proposed GSA Schedule Offer and Modification Rates

OPTION 1) GSA Schedule Review:

For those companies that have already completed their schedule offer and have it ready to the point of submission, we offer a comprehensive one-time quality control review of your offer package to ensure compliance with solicitation requirements, and to provide feedback and recommendations to best position the offer to be approved. We are able to identify what documentation is missing from your offer, and to highlight the documentation that is incomplete or incorrect and in need of revision. Once review is completed and we provide our comments/feedback on our developed checklist, we then schedule a teleconference with your team once the review is complete to explain our comments/feedback and to answer any of your GSA Schedule related questions to help improve your offer.

Period of Performance: 3 Business Days (One Time Review)

Proposed Compensation: ($750 for initial GSA Schedule offer review - $450 for all subsequent GSA Schedule offer reviews)

OPTION 2) GSA Schedule Guidance To Submission:

In this capacity we serve as your team's subject matter expert to guide you the process of completing your offer, while providing you with checklists, templates and tools to help you successfully complete the proposal package to include a step by step walk-through of how to respond, upload and submit your offer package. We also work to verify that the information and documentation being submitted is accurate and complete. Under this package, the consultant serves as a guide to assist the client through the offer submission process, which is an ideal solution for those firms that would like to take a "hands-on" approach to completing the necessary paperwork. Company personnel must purchase a digital certificate from GSA approved vendor (approx. $175).

Period of Performance: Support Extends 30 Days From Date Of Contract Execution (terminates upon submission of offer)

Payment Terms: $2,500 due at execution - $2,500 due at submission
A La Carte Services: Clarification Response:$550/GSA Negotiations: $250/Pricelist Creation & SIP Upload: $350

OPTION 3) GSA Schedule Turnkey Completion Through Award:

In this capacity we help expedite the submission process by completing the offer package on your behalf, thereby minimizing the amount of time and resources required by your company to complete the proposal offer. Our team will offer a complete turnkey solution by completing all of the required documentation (to include technical writing, pricing documentation, and past performance write ups), uploading and submitting the offer, and handling all post-offer submission negotiations and responsibilities to ensure the approval of your GSA Schedule offer (this includes completion of the FPR and upload of the terms and conditions pricelist via the SIP Program). Under this package, the consultant is responsible for the overall acceptance and approval of the GSA Schedule offer, and bears responsibility to make the required revisions and updates to the client’s offer until offer acceptance and award of schedule. Upon award of the schedule, the consultant shall provide a 1-2 hour training to the Ebuy and sales reporting system, along with providing guidance and tips regarding how to effectively market the company’s GSA Schedule.

Period of Performance: Indefinitely through offer submission until contract award.

Payment Terms: $2,500 due at execution - $2,500 due at submission - $2,500 due at award

Other GSA Schedule Modification Support Services

1. Emods To Escalate Rates Based On Established EPA

*Flat investment of $1,550 (support includes revision of GSA pricelist and upload of SIP textfile/client responsible for updating product pricing if applicable via SIP).

*Period of Performance: 1 Week For Submission

*Payment Terms: $775 due upon execution/$775 due upon approval of Emod

2. Emods To Add New Products/Labor Categories Under Existing SINs

*Flat Investment of $1,750 (support includes revision of GSA pricelist and upload of SIP textfile/client responsible for updating product pricing if applicable via SIP).

*Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks For Submission

*Payment Terms: $875 due upon execution/$875 due upon approval of Emod

3.Emods To Add New SIN Categories w/ Existing Products/Labor Categories

*$1,250 base cost for Emod *$350 per each SIN being added

*Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks For Submission

*Payment terms: 50% due upon execution/50% due upon approval

4. Emods To Add New SIN Categories With New Products/Labor Categories

*$1,250 base cost for Emod *$550 per each SIN being added

*Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks For Submission

*Payment terms: 50% due upon execution/50% due upon approval

Some Of The Companies We Have Done GSA Schedules For:

  • Working with Sams Contracting Consulting & Training LLC was the right decision!! Our firm chose to utilize services from Aaron Sams (of Sams Contracting Consulting & Training LLC) to pursue a major federal contract vehicle (8a Stars II). From the initial discussion with Aaron there was a level of confidence and comfort that he provided. Throughout the process Aaron promptly responded to each inquiry, conducted research on items that he was not familiar with, and made every deadline. He remained on top of the schedule and requirement changes that were issued and immediately relayed that information to us. His guidance and expertise helped us to achieve this goal and we are truly appreciative. Aaron operates in a professional manner and I would recommend his services to firms seeking assistance with contract vehicles.
  • Aaron is awesome! He gets things done and is super efficient! Got our GSA IT 70 complete right on schedule!
  • Highly recommended that when you are ready to venture into GSA schedules, you enlist professional help that can make the process a whole lot easier! Aaron Sams made our application process and subsequent approvals very manageable! Thank you Aaron!
  • Mr. Aaron Sams and his consulting service applied and obtained my company's GSA Schedule contracts. I worked directly with Aaron and I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He understands the GSA Schedule contracting process very well. While he handled the application process for my company, I spent my time on other tasks growing my small business. I believe that many businesses, especially small businesses would find the service he provides very beneficial. I am relying on Aaron to sell my GSA schedule to the Federal government.
  • During the past year, I had turned to Sams Contracting Consulting & Training, LLC. on a number of occasions for GSA Consulting Support. They have always provided us with prompt service and the quality of work is exemplary. We are very impressed with the results of helping us apply for, negotiate, and market several of our GSA Schedules. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Sams Contracting Consulting & Training, LLC to help any company stream line the process and to have them better equip you with the tools you need to do business with federal agencies.
  • “Sams Contracting Consulting & Training LLC”, has been the guiding force for getting the job done to get CLD a final GSA IT 70 Schedule.  The processes for getting this schedule were completed in a very short time frame and the final product was very impressive.  We did not have to ask, “where are you?” “Are you doing anything with our Schedule?”   Thanks to Sams Contracting Consulting & Training LLC, we can truly say there is a small business dedicated to helping other small business.  Thank you, Aaron Sams, for your due diligence helping us gain this valuable contract award”

    Charles Lambert, President
  • Highly recommend Sams Contracting Consulting and Training. Aaron helped us obtain our GSA schedule in a total of two months time! Very helpful and almost readily available for answering questions throughout the process.
  • Hiring Sams Contracting made the difference in rapidly getting all of our documents organized and our offer submitted. We selected Sams due to their GSA expertise and background in Government contracting. We looked at several companies, but Sams Contracting Consulting and Training offered the best customer service, knowledge, and pricing. We were awarded a GSA Schedule 70 contract very quickly after submitting the offer. Thank you Sams Contracting Consulting and Training!
  • Aaron Sams and SAMS Contracting Consulting and Training came thru for our firm on several occasions. We have finally obtained a GSA schedule thru the help of Aaron and hos hard work. We would recommend and use his services again in the future.
  • Aaron was such a joy to work with! He helped Whitty IT obtain it’s GSA schedule in such a timely and professional manner. In less than 4 month’s time we had everything that we needed. He is thorough, accurate, and efficient. We will definitely utilize his expertise in the future!
  • Sams Contracting Consulting & Training helped me and my business navigated the difficult and length GSA Schedule process. I chose Sams at the recommendation of another business owner and was not disappointed. I recommend this organization to anyone looking for results penetrating the maze known as GSA. The entire team was professional, timely and knowledgeable. We will use them again when the opportunity arises.
    Gary Stampfli
  • Sams Contracting provides excellent service...they are very professional and worked on our behalf in a very diligent, thorough and efficient manner. Aaron and his team are very knowledgeable....A definite recommendation!
  • Aaron with Sams Contracting Consulting did an excellent job pulling together and negotiating our GSA Schedule. As a business owner, I was pleased to be able to delegate this important work over to Sams Contracting and watch as the process went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Sams Contracting.
    Harry Wimbish
  • JLAN Solutions Endorses Sams' Consulting We are pleased to announce that JLAN Solutions has been awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule 70 contract, largely due to the efforts of Mr. Aaron C. Sams and his outstanding team at Sams’ Consulting. From Day One, Mr. Sams and his team worked efficiently and tirelessly to complete the winning application in a very timely manner. Sams’ Consulting is a professional services company that provides outstanding customer service. As the CEO of a small business, I highly recommend Mr. Sams and his team without hesitation. Sams’ Consulting is different from other professional services companies. When you work with Sams’, you really see that professionalism starts from the top. Throughout the project, I was able speak to the Founder of the company whenever I had a question. Whenever I needed anything, he was always there with a smile. If other companies are considering Sams’ Consulting, I am happy to discuss our wonderful experience at any time!
  • SAMS Contracting did an great job on helping us to secure a GSA Schedule award. He worked with us from start to finish. We are very pleased with his work and services. We highly recommend Aaron and his company.
  • "Aaron was such a joy to work with! He helped TwoTech to obtain it’s GSA schedule in such a timely and professional manner. In less than 3 month’s time we had GSA IT-70 Award. He is thorough, accurate, and efficient. We will definitely utilize his expertise in the future and also highly recommend his services to our colleague." 
  • Aaron Sams is a consummate professional who was very helpful to me and my firm in navigating the GSA Schedule proposal, bid, and offer process. Not only are Mr. Sams and his team knowledgeable and diligent, but they are experts in communicating all of the complicated intricacies related to submitting a GSA bid. Navigating this process without expert guidance would certainly have been a more difficult and stressful endeavor. By partnering with Mr. Sams and his firm, my company completed our first GSA Schedule bid with extreme confidence that a positive outcome would occur in the shortest amount of time possible.  For any small business owners looking to attain a GSA Schedule, working with Aaron Sams and his team is well worth the investment.
  • Aaron was a tremendous help to me and our company. He took ownership of all the important to-dos needed for the GSA Schedule process and ran with them. He was a true partner to me throughout this process.  I would highly recommend Sams Contracting to anyone who is interested in becoming a vendor to the US Government and needs to complete all the GSA paperwork. Thanks Aaron!

    Charlie Cook
  • It was great working with Aaron for our schedule 70 award. He was very knowledgeable of the process and coordinated extremely well with GSA to ensure timely award. I look forward to working with him again on future efforts.
  • Holmes & Company hired Sams Contracting Consulting and Training for the turnkey completion and submission of our firm's PSS schedule. Mr. Sams was able to expertly guide us through the process of preparing our pricing, our past performance, and our technical responses to be able to submit our offer in a timely manner. Additionally, Mr. Sams responded to all of GSA's questions post-submission, and handled negotiations to ensure that we were able to come to agreeable terms with our contracting officer. I am proud to announce that we were recently awarded our PSS Schedule to provide financial services to Federal Agencies, and I would highly recommend his firm to any other business seeking to pursue a GSA Schedule in a similar capacity.
  • Sams CCT was instrumental in getting me on the right path toward GSA Schedule 70 certification. They knew this process like the back of their hands, and made it quite painless for me. Aaron Sams and his crew were very professional in every aspect of the services that they provided, from start to finish. I sincerely appreciate the excellent services that Sams CCT provided, and I highly recommend them for all of your consulting and certification needs. I would definitely use them again. Thank you much Aaron!!!
    Carlos Rosmon
  • Aaron Sams of Sams Consulting stuck with it for 20-months from start to finish, we just received our GSA MAS contract thanks to Aaron. The government was responsible for horrible delays and by the time we were approached, it was multiple versions away since we submitted. Aaron helped work the details quickly and we received our award. Thanks, will use again.
    Dan Elder
  • I can't say enough good things about Aaron and his team. They did a great job explaining the process, holding our hand, and making sure we got it done. There are a lot of people out there claiming they can get you on schedule. Aaron gets it done.