Is your company looking for a better way to compete for contracts with Local & State Agencies in Texas?

    Similar to the Federal Government, local and state agencies throughout Texas offer a plethora of contracting opportunities for the purchase of a wide variety of goods and services.  With combined annual contractual expenditures resulting in approximately $50 billion dollars, these local and state agencies represent a tremendous market that can be tapped into as an additional source of revenue for small businesses.  Some of the common local and state agencies offering solicitations are as follows:

*University Health System
*University of Texas at Austin (UT)
*University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)
*University of Texas Health Science Center –SA
*Texas State University – San Marcos

In an effort to secure competitive pricing, the Texas Procurement and Support Services agency established the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) program to take advantage of the same discounts that vendors offer to the Federal Government under their GSA Schedule.  The prices reflected on these GSA schedule contracts are the most favored customer (MFC) prices and the maximum price allowable.

TXMAS contracts take advantage of these pre-negotiated, not-to-exceed rates and under certain circumstances, an agency or local government entity, may negotiate a lower price for the goods or services offered on a schedule contract. A “best value” purchase can be made by following the TXMAS purchasing procedures (without competing the purchase on the open market).  Since the pricing offered has already been pre-negotiated to be fair and reasonable, state agencies will solicit contractors who have a TXMAS contract before they solicit to the general public.

In this regard, having a TXMAS contract drastically reduces the amount of competition you will face, and increases your ability to sell your good and services by providing you with a competitive advantage in the eyes of your target customer. The following goods and services can be offered on a TXMAS contract:

-Business/Management/Strategy/Organizational Consulting
-Staffing For Temporary and Professional Personnel
-Facilities Maintenance/Grounds/Custodial/Energy Audits
-Advertising & Marketing Services

-Promotional Products
-Furniture & Floor Coverings
-Medical Equipment/Supplies
-Human Resource Training and Services

-Training and Development
-A/V Solutions and Telecommunications
-Environmental Services
-Security Services & Products
-Office/Industrial/Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

-Building Materials & Hardware
*IT services and Medical Staffing are excluded from the TXMAS Program

The below link outlines which state and local agencies in Texas purchase off of TXMAS Schedules, along with the POC information of their buyers (ISD’s, Counties, Hospitals, Colleges, Municipalities, Utilities, etc.):

As a small business pursuing contracts with local and state agencies throughout Texas, I recommend that you obtain a Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) to further aid in your efforts to develop business from local and state agencies.  If needed, Sams Contracting Consulting and Training can assist with helping your firm to obtain a GSA Schedule; converting your GSA Schedule to a TXMAS contract, and marketing your TXMAS contract to local and state agencies!

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