Business Planning

Sams Contracting Consulting and Training offers professional business plan writing and consulting support to help businesses apply for financing from traditional financial institutions and private lenders.

Benefits Of A Business Plan

#1: Being able to better position your company for the future by identifying the resources needed to support your anticipated growth.

#2: Being able to identify elements of your business that are working efficiently, and which elements are not bringing you an acceptable return on your investment.

#3: Being able to improve your decision making when considering future opportunities.

#4: Being able to chart your company’s progress against stated milestones to determine if your company is ahead or behind schedule according to your proposed timeline to achieve your business goals.

#5: Being able to identify ways to take advantage of your company’s strengths, improve upon your organization’s weaknesses, exploit any opportunities for growth, and mitigate the threats that may negatively impact your business.

Elements Of A Quality Business Plan

Below is an overview of the various elements that are contained within a quality business plan:

Executive SummaryMission StatementVision StatementCompany Values
Keys To SuccessIndustry TrendsSWOT AnalysisShort Term Goals (Next 2 Years)
Long Term Goals (Next 5 Years)Management PlanOrganizational ChartKey Personnel Bios
Marketing PlanOperations PlanPersonnel PlanSuccession Plan
Start Up Projection CostsFinancial Needs3 Yr Financial ProjectionsAction Items
Business Plan Writing Support

Sams Contracting Consulting and Training offers business plan writing services designed to help entrepreneurs position their company for future success, and to obtain financing from traditional lenders or private investors. We begin each business plan writing project by scheduling an initial 1-2 hour interview to learn about your business model and business goals. Attached is a business plan questionnaire that contains the items that we will discuss with you to gather the pertinent data and details to develop your company’s business plan:

Business Plan Questionnaire:

SCCT offers business plan writing services between $1,500 and $4,000 depending on complexity and financing amount requested:

*Business Plan Level I: $1,500 ($750 upon execution, $750 upon completion)

*Business Plan Level II: $2,500 ($1,250 upon execution, $1,250 upon completion)

*Business Plan Level III: $4,000 ($2,000 upon execution, $2,000 upon completion)

*Comprehensive market data and industry trends research provided by IBIS World can be included within your business plan for an additional $1,000 (recommended if attempting to secure financing)

*We can also review and update your existing business plan for an investment amount of $750.

If you are serious about helping your business to grow and to succeed, I would encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation to discuss how we can help you strategically position your company for both short-term and long-term growth!

View A Sample Of Our Business Plans:

Sample Business Plan – Cafe Deli

I would be very interested in speaking or meeting with you to learn more about your company, and to discuss how we can assist you in the area of business planning.  Feel free to either send me an email at, or call me at (210) 788-1034, and I would be more than glad to schedule a face to face meeting or phone conversation accordingly.   I hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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