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Is your firm looking for a better way to pursue contracts with  municipal and state agencies throughout Texas?

Would you like to establish a way for municipal and state agencies to purchase directly from you without competition?  

If so, establishing a TXMAS contract where you pre-negotiate pricing for your products/services is the way to go!


What is TXMAS?

Similar to the Federal Government’s GSA Schedules program,  the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) program, administered by the state of Texas’ Procurement Division, seeks to pre-negotiate lower prices from vendors for their products and services.  Once an offer is submitted and the negotiation process is completed with the State, vendors will be awarded a TXMAS contract while being listed as a “preferred vendor” on the State’s comptroller’s website that is viewed by purchasing personnel from municipal and state agencies.

What are the Benefits of a TXMAS Contract?

  • Being a TXMAS contract holder allows customers from municipal (cities, counties, ISDs, etc) and state agencies to buy directly from your firm without competition.
  • Possessing a TXMAS contract allows you to receive notices of contracting opportunities that are solicited only to firms that hold a TXMAS contract

What Products/Services are Purchased Through TXMAS?

  • Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing
  • Marketing, Advertising,  Event Management, Public Relations Services
  • Job Order Contracting/Construction Management
  • Facilities Maintenance (HVAC, Electrical, Custodial, Energy, Plumbing, Landscaping, etc.)
  • Products & Equipment (Office, Medical, Industrial, Construction, Food Service, Janitorial, etc.)
  • Organizational Development and Human Resource Services
  • Floor Coverings & Flooring Services
  • Security Services/Security Products, Equipment & Systems
  • Furniture (Office, Hospital, Classroom, etc.)
  • Language & Translation Services
  • Promotional Products, Signs, Banners, etc.
  • Financial Services (Budgeting, Accounting, Audits, etc.)
  • Program & Project Management

Exceptions:  IT services, IT products, Consulting Services

What are the Eligibility Requirements To Qualify For a TXMAS Contract?

  • Must have performed (or be performing) on a competitively bid municipal, state or federal contract.
  • Must offer pricing that is discounted from the listed rates on the past performance contract to determine pricing as fair and reasonable
    Provide pricing that is lower than other available contracts.
  • Must be able to obtain a reference letter a from a Texas municipal or state agency regarding offered products/services
  • Must be able to establish a TXMAS dedicated webpage on the company’s website

Offered Support

My name is Aaron Sams, and I am a former Air Force contracting officer and SBA representative who presently works with small businesses to help them obtain their TXMAS Schedule in a timely manner at an affordable price. I’ve had the opportunity to review your company’s information, and I believe that your business would benefit tremendously by obtaining a TXMAS Schedule, potentially increasing your revenue substantially by enabling municipal and state agencies to purchase directly from you, and by enabling you to compete for opportunities that solicited only to TXMAS approved vendors. Once obtained, I would show you how to aggressively market your TXMAS Schedule Contract to municipal and state agency personnel.

As proposal writers, our team performs the majority of the writing and the completion of the documentation on your behalf, and we would be able to complete your offer within 2-3 weeks of your firm providing us with information needed to become eligible for a TXMAS contract.  In this regard, we are able to expedite the offer submission process while enabling you to focus on other more critical areas of your business.

Below is an overview of our offered support services:

TXMAS Proposal Offer Schedule Turnkey Completion:
In this capacity we help expedite the submission process by completing the offer package on your behalf, thereby minimizing the amount of time and resources required by your company to complete the proposal offer. Our team will offer a complete turnkey solution by completing all of the required documentation, submitting the offer, and handling all post-offer submission negotiations and responsibilities to ensure the approval of your TXMAS proposal offer.

Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks From Receipt Of Requested Documentation

Evaluation Period for Award: Typically Between 30-45 Days

Offered Payment Terms:
$1,500 due at contract execution
$1,500 due at submission of TXMAS offer
$1,500 due at award of TXMAS contract


In this regard, I would be very interested in speaking with you to learn more about your company, to answer any eligibility or qualification questions you may have, and to discuss how we can help you position your company for future growth in the contracting arena. Please contact us and we would be more than glad to begin building a relationship with your firm.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!




Mr. Aaron Sams, PMP, MCM, Service Disabled USAF Vet.

President – Sams Contracting Consulting and Training

Your TXMAS Consultant and Contracting Subject Matter Expert!